How to Order

All of my tools are made to order in small batches. I have a waitlist that I follow in the order in which customers sign up and make their deposit. In the top navigation menu you can click on “Waitlist” and you will see Deposits organized by month. Each month has a limited number of spots to match my estimated workload for that month. It is only an estimate, but I will try to be conservative with in, and hopefully stay on track if not ahead, and adjust as I go. Make deposits of as many spots as you would like tools, so three $50 deposits would secure you 3 tools when production starts for that month. You do not to specify any specifics on your order, like blade or handle wood or finish. We will finalize that later with a follow up email or phone call closer to the date of production. It is helpful if you leave me a hint in the checkout notes such as “1 Complete Hook and 1 Complete Sloyd, or 1 Blade only Sloyd”. It helps me plan and better understand what my workloads will look like in the future. Estimated workloads are designed around the more popular complete tools, and I will adjust slightly if the popularity of blade only orders pick up.

See the Models and Price list HERE for a better sense of what you’re committing. Deposits are refundable if circumstances change.


What to expect from my Tools

These tools are designed to be used and loved. They are complete with handmade imperfections and while I strive for consistency each one will be it’s own tool. They will need sharpening if you use them as intended to carve wooden wares. They are not designed for hard bushcraft, EDC, or kitchen needs. The edges and tips are fine and fragile and there will be damage if used irresponsibly. Used them, but respect them and be ready to maintain them.

They are finished with natural Tung Oil, over a burnished carved wood surface and will likely take on a used patina appearance almost immediately.

I shy away from hitting maximum hardness in my blades, favoring a blade that will sharpen and strop back with ease. They will wear more and chip less. I hate chipping because it takes a lot of work to sharpen through and remove. I would rather strop my blade after each project than risk a blade so hard on the HRC scale that it might chip.

Personally I don’t see them as collector grade, unless slightly rustic is your desire. There are a lot of knife makers pushing details and final finishes further than I do. I like a precisely finished product, but ultimately function wins.

All my tools are guarantied to impress with these factors in mind, and I’m happy to offer a refund if I deliver short. Please use the tool minimally and contact me as soon as possible if you feel you would like to return it.


Matt White


Named after a closed ski area in Rural Southern New Hampshire Temple Mountain Woodcraft is the exploration of Swedish style wood craft by Matt White.

It started with the restoration of a WWII Plumb hatchet found at an antique store. I caught wind of the idea that a hatchet could be used to carve? What!?! Having no idea what that looked like I went to the web and found a video by Paul Sellers, a well known British craftsman, outlining the process of turning a round log into a spoon blank. It's an age old practice that can be performed at so many levels, whether for "bushcraft", art and sculpture, or pure practical craft, it's easy to catch the bug. For me the focus is design, playing with proportions, balance and function, and an almost sculpture like approach. Many spoons later I decided to try re-handling a Mora Sloyd Knife. The look, styles and shapes evolved over time and became the keystone product that launched TMW as an Etsy business. The more spoons I carved, the more I thought about the tools and what I could do to make them more enjoyable to use, more efficient, more eye catching and an esthetic match to the entire craft. Next came some dabbling in metallurgy and the idea that I could make my own tools to better suit my needs. The Monadnock Hook Knife was my first and flagship attempt to create the spoon bowl tool that would fit my work and style the best, and although the exact design has changed over time, the mission of the tool has stayed clear.


Contact Me! Yes Me, Matt, not “us” just me directly, right here. Go ahead, I look forward to hearing from you.

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