After a couple runs of limited availability tool release, where 5 dozen people showed up to buy 1 dozen tools I've decided to change to a "Back Order" model going forward.  When I looked at the limited tool release model from the consumer's point of view, I realized I would not be happy to set aside that time on a Sunday only to miss out, and would quickly tire of trying.  I also realized I don't want to prep and hype for these releases every other weekend myself either!

Given the precedence for high demand and long wait times in the handmade tool market, my opinion is these waitlists get loaded with "maybe" customers.  I do not want to manage a waitlist that requires a second layer of follow up to process orders.  I need to keep the order intake and processing very simple in order to do more production.  My compromise is a back order system.  Rather than the listing for each tool being limited to 10-12 orders at a time that sell out in 2 minutes, they will be unlimited.  As a customer you just need to be patient and willing to make the paid purchase up front.  Your orders will go into a production queue in the order they come in.  Shipping will take place on a regular interval of 5-10 days, shipping everything completed and starting the next batch of orders.  I would happily work with partial deposits, but the Square Space Platform I have chosen doesn't work that way.  So there you have it, one order, one payment, make it, and ship it!

If the back orders build up and the lead time is way out, I will close the orders temporarily to catch up.  I will try to keep an ETA estimate at the top of the listing for each item so new customer can see what they are getting into.