Handmade Tools for Spoon Carvers & Craftsman

Crafted in New Hampshire by one set of hands in small batches


Souhegan Sloyd with Pro Grind

Just Released for Ordering!  This knife is a collaboration with Emmet Van Driesche a professional spoon carver well known for his speed and carefree approach to simple designs and forms.  The knife features a low, 24-25 degree bevel which Emmet has grown very fond of.  It's a race car, a dragster even, as many will find it best in straight lines, outside curves, and cross grain, for fast material removal.


Souhegan SLoyd with Pro Grind

Another photo just to show off one of my favorite finishes.  For those tired of wood grain I offer just about every model in a Milk Painted version, see "Custom" options.  Here we have my favorite blue milk paint over cherry with a few kisses from the torch to bring out the pommel lines.  The cherry shows through and the whole thing is coated with tung oil after so that paint stays where we want it.


The Monadnock - My flagship do it all and do it well Knife

Usually the jack of all trades is the master of none.  Not the case with this knife.  I have yet to find a curve profile that feels more natural in every shape I carve.  Here we have three current handle options, left to right, Blue Painted Sassafras (extra light weight), Blue Painted Ash, and Black Locust.  I have some beautiful Elm too, but need to hold onto one long enough for a photo shoot.



June Update:  bark supply is solid once again!  I have a great variety of tones and thickness to make the sheaths the way I want them

On the hunt for Birch Bark - Bonus Chaga!

A Monadnock Hook gets the Bends