Thank you for considering an order with me.

Here are a few things you should know, and agree to:

  1. CONFIRM YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT WITH PAYPAL before you submit your order. I see a lot of issues where people are surprised at the address that autofills based on what Paypal has on file. Please make sure everything is correct.

  2. Be Patient please, this tool is an investment in your crafting journey. Please don’t order if you feel you need to know the exact date your tool will arrive. Contact me and I will be happy to give you the name of some makers who can provide you tools quicker than I can so you can get carving.

  3. All tools are guaranteed to perform, and craftsmanship guaranteed to impress or you can return the tool for a full refund less shipping cost. The return window is 3 weeks from it’s shipping date, and the tool must be returned to me with only light signs of use. You are required to cover the cost of shipping back to me, and are responsible for it arriving safely and in a timely manner.

  4. I am not responsible for any duties, fees, taxes or surcharges charged by any jurisdiction outside the United States of America. Any fees, taxes or surcharges applied after the sale by any jurisdiction outside of the United States of America are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please research what your local government is going to ask of you before placing your order.

  5. I’m not responsible to cover the cost of packages lost by shipping handlers. In my first year only one package went lost on it’s way to Germany. I have great faith in our US postal service, but I do provide insured options for those that prefer it. If you choose uninsured shipping, and it goes lost, that’s it, it’s gone. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THE INSURED SHIPPING OPTION FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE USA. Tracking an uninsured First Class International package outside the USA is poor at best, and no additional help can be provided by phone.