Waitlist and Deposit System Overhaul

July 1st

This week I’ll be redesigning the way I take orders and deposits to join the waitlist. Deposits will be “Generic” meaning you are simply committing and getting in line to purchase a tool (or mulitiple tools if you chose to purchase multiple spots), but do not need to specify any specifics upon submitting your deposit. The Web Shop “Waitlist Deposit Listing” will also be organized in a way that you will see an estimated Month that your order will be produced.

Details of the order will be collected closer to the date of production. At that point you will be contacted and we can go over the model and design of your tool, confirm your shipping location and date, and collect the balance of the tool price. This should cut down on need to amend orders and track changes and help things run more smoothly.

Now for some old news below this line. I leave it up for the story telling sake


June 11th - The wait list grows and grows

As of this entry I’m working on orders placed in Feb 2019, With at least 100 tools in the queue to follow. I expect recent orders maybe be out past the 6 month mark, but I’ve given up on trying to be very exact on that. On April 1st converted the webshop to deposits, rather than full payments up front. I hoped it would mentally prepare my customers for the long wait and ease people into that wait with the secure feeling that they are locked in to the queue. Payment up front seemed to imply that the order was going into immediate production. Most tools take about 2 weeks to process in a small batch from raw materials to finished tools. Most of the wait time is just sitting in line. I have never caught up in 18 months of doing this full time. Incoming orders perpetually outpace completed order.

So the bottom line, as always, is ordering with me is not a quick fix to get you carving and ultimate patience is required. MoraKniv of sweden continues to be the best option to get you making chips immediately (available on Amazon daily) as all the handmade offerings out there continue to be outpaced by demand.


2019 Hook Designs

Hooks going forward have a bit of a new look. The curves are staying the same. Bare with me as I collect enough new photos to update the listing to all new pictures. The current pictures do a nice job showing some handle offerings, but show the older blades. The new blade is mostly a process tweak for me. It returns to a full polished outside bevel, tweaked edge geometry and a unique look inspired by the Yakut Knives of Siberian heritage. They are quite stiff, and hopefully more consistent then ever before, with an even smoother cut, and more precise grind.


2019 Hook Handles

A photo of the new hook handles and sheath going forward. Dimensionally they remain consistent to what I have been doing for the past few months, with a taper from 3/4'“ to 1”, and standard length of 6”. You can request shorter or longer too. The angled cut at the pommel is a simple effort to make the knives more unique and recognizable. It also offers a reference to alignment into the sheath. Match the curved cut with the curved burn mark on the sheath for best fit and so you know where the sharp edge is coming out of the sheath.


It’s a moving target for sure…

January 1st - I’ve had lot of ideas, some great, some terrible. I’ve made mistakes, accepted them, and moved on. The latest mistake was thinking my calling was to make value oriented knives and as many of them as I could, and bring great tools to the hands of more carvers. I thought “wouldn’t it be nice if instead of making 10 knives in a week, I could make 20 and make them a little simpler and charge less!". But wait, that’s still a drop in the bucket of the global demand for hand made tools. That increase, although it felt like a lot moving through my hands, won’t even move the dial. I was setting myself up for my personal worst case scenario, which is sending out the notice that there is stock in the web store, only to disappoint more people than I would satisfy. So just like that, the 101 Hook Knife is grounded, back burnered, tabled! I’m going to need someone else to fill those shoes for now. My goal is to offer those looking for a different experience a solution. As of today, orders for my premium models are open again, to buy on your time, at your leisure, and get it how you want it. Pricing is up a bit, just to control the flow, and to keep me honest. I need some people to say “no, I can’t justify that cost”, and I need those that can to get only my best work. I’ve come full circle I guess, excepting that I’m a high end tool maker and the best is yet to come!